Digital India is no longer a distant dream- it is a fast-approaching reality that will overwhelm the unprepared.

In January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a long post explaining that Facebook would soon change how it works. If you’re wondering why everyone freaked out about it- and you didn’t- you probably want to read what’s coming next.

With businesses going digital, the trends in sales, marketing, advertising and community engagement have taken a drastic turn. A study by Ernst And Young states that 80% more brands are investing in digital advertising, as of 2016.

The world is donning a digital mask to become a supernatural force of technology. And it’s time businesses realize the immense potential of social media.

India is already home to over 300 million internet users.

If you are a business that is either selling a product or a service, you understand the importance of community engagement. Today, community engagement has moved online and if you’re not there already, Quirkhouse will help you get started.

We understand that a connection needs to be created when a business interacts with its user base. The connection isn’t just limited to hoardings and telecalling. In the world of “Like, comment, share and subscribe”, it is important to shift your force of action online.

But just how should you go about shifting your force of action? It goes without saying that having actively functioning social media handles, an engaging blog and effective email marketing campaigns will help you conquer your market comfortably.

The trick, however, is to come up with a systematic plan that chalks out your story of digital success. What you need to do, at first, is identify your audience. This helps you to define the approach and tone you want to adapt for your content- and it must be uniform throughout. Once you figure out who you want to be in the digital world, you must employ your resources to create the content.

Content deployment comes with its own set of challenges. To figure out what works and what doesn’t is not an easy thing to do. Which is why Quirkhouse offers a range of services to fulfill your online marketing needs.

Drop us an email at and you will have your action plan ready in no time, thanks to our quick on-boarding process.

We’re creative ninjas who understand the digital scenario today. Allow us to be the Robin to your Batman. Focus on doing your best while we handle the rest!

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