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From The Lens Of The Internet’s Overrated Outcast

Pixels, colors and angles are what make the eye of a photographer different from those of the rest. Trishita Bhattacharya from Mumbai is an Instagram powerhouse with her creative, aesthetic and appealing photography. A graduate in Pharmacy, she is now pursuing a post-graduation in Advertising and Media.

The internet’s @overrated_outcast engaged with us in a candid conversation about photography, traveling and everything in between!

“Beauty is in the simple things and details that we often tend to miss.”

Through my pictures, I want to highlight the simple things in life and send my message across through visual media. I try capturing the essence of my travels, the people that I meet and the various cultures that I experience. My love for photography stems from the fact that I capture things that make me happy.

I started experimenting with a phone camera way back in 2013. It had an 8MP camera which was considered to be the bomb then! I used to play around with it while commuting from home to college and that’s when a hobby turned into a passion. I still use a phone camera and GoPro is an essential during my travels!

The process of capturing travel photographs is so incredible because you can go back to the experiences by looking at the pictures and relive the whole memory all over again! I recently traveled to Rajasthan to explore the cultural ethos and picturesque surroundings. It is surely an experience that I will cherish forever!

The reason I do what I do is that I am driven by the power of the responses I get. Seeing that I make people happy and sometimes inspire them with my photographs is what really keeps me motivated to do better and more creative work!

I love keeping my pictures bright, vibrant and beaming with joy. After all, I am the Happiness Ambassador, aren’t I? I believe that colours make me happy. And my goal is to share this happiness with my friends and followers.


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